Against the backdrop of global competition, rising customer expectations and soaring overheads, Exchequer provides wholesale and distribution businesses ranging from pharmaceuticals to electronics with powerful functionality.

This tailored range of software modules automates your processes, helping you to reduce costs, eliminate waste and gain tighter control through improved efficiency, ease of use, streamlined transaction workflows and essential management reporting.

An integrated suite of modules

Why not avail of such features as:

  • Stock Control
  • Stock Forecasting
  • Bill of Materials
  • Works Order Processing
  • Fully integrated ecommerce
  • Scantex Wireless Warehousing module
  • Seamless courier integration
  • Sales & Purchase Returns
  • Sales & Purchase Order Processing
  • CRM & Telesales

Wide-ranging functionality for warehouse and distribution management ...

  • Gain greater control of expensive stock-holding and optimise costly warehouse space by consolidating information on delivered items wherever held.
  • Assess your fastest/slowest-moving lines and who is purchasing which products, with in-depth stock analysis.
  • Be alert to important events such as stock levels falling below a minimum level, receipt of a large order or a drop in sales margin.
  • Accurately forecast stock requirements, using the Stock Forecasting module to predict sales and usage and avoid tying up cash unnecessarily.
  • Forecast future sales based on factors such as sales history averages or trends, customer schedules and annual company/product growth.
  • Exploit every opportunity by equipping your sales teams with instant on-screen access to the customer’s purchasing history, real-time stock information and prompts for alternative products.
  • Build trading relationships by offering differentiated service to customers and individual pricing agreements and codes for suppliers.
  • Manage sales and purchase returns of faulty, unwanted, duplicate or exchanged goods profitably and efficiently.
  • Scantex Warehouse Solutions – control the whole stock lifecycle, from delivery to despatch via wireless , hand-held scanners integrating live to your Order Processing modules.
  • Ability to link to many disparate industry solutions such as weighbridges, manufacturing systems, existing hand-held devices, CRM systems and many more...


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