ProspectSoft Document Management software integrates with Exchequer to enable you to manage and share almost any type of document including emails, Microsoft Word files, PDFs and more. With documents being stored in a central location, everyone in your business will be able to access a file quickly and easily.

But the solution does much more than securely storing documents. You gain greater consistency in the quality of your communications. Whether you're producing sales proposals, project specifications or simple emails, they will all be produced to the same quality every time, whether you're contacting a single customer or approaching thousands of prospects.

Documents can be controlled, version-tracked and, if necessary, made secure either by password-protection or by selected CRM user groups. Access to documents can be securely extended to your network of customers, partners and suppliers.

Maximise the value of your documents

Reducing reliance on traditional ways of storing information contained in documents brings measurable benefits to your business ...

  • Record each interaction – every contact with a customer (quotes, letters, emails and phone conversations) can be recorded.
  • Any number of standard document templates can be set up, and grouped under any number of categories – CRM then merges contact information so that standard documents can be produced quickly by anyone in your organisation.
  • Integrates out of the box to Microsoft Outlook – emails are stored within the system against a contact, while for outgoing mail, mail merges can be sent directly from Outlook.
  • Individual contacts can be emailed from within the system with a single click .
  • Integrated helpdesk software improves productivity and customer service and reduces response times on customer queries in support and services departments.
  • Supports your email marketing campaigns –create and send personalised email marketing campaigns from within CRM, with the ability to track every aspect of campaign success, from how many emails reached the intended recipients to measuring clicks on a link.
  • Online document sharing – when combined with our web solutions, documents can be shared through secure online portals, so you can provide customers or suppliers with access to important documents.

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