Retaining an existing customer costs less than winning new business. ProspectSoft customer relationship management lets you take a holistic view of your customers, prospects and suppliers and capitalise on your investment of time and energy in building relationships. Providing you with a centralised 360° view of all interactions conducted through multiple channels, including mail, telephone, email, SMS, in person, and over the web.

Each record holds all the information your teams will need – from notes and contact details to quotes and opportunities. This insight is shared securely across your business to turn prospects into customers, boost retention rates and build strong trading relationships. You eliminate the inaccuracies, duplication and oversights that inevitably occur when 'hand-carrying' data from one solution to another.

Empower your teams to deliver seamless service

In the office, on a customer’s site or on the road, your teams have access to everything your organisation knows about the customer and your business ...

  • Replace information silos by capturing and unifying the data recorded at every interaction with multiple contacts throughout the customer’s organisation.
  • Information from your accounting system modules, such as invoice details, stock, sales, buying patterns, customer pricing and the customer’s credit record, feeds automatically into CRM.
  • A secure replication process refreshes the system with data entered by remote workers.
  • Easy, secure access to shared information helps in anticipating customers’ needs and addressing outstanding issues and opportunities.
  • Integrated helpdesk software improves productivity and customer service and reduces response times on customer queries in support and services departments.
  • Your teams can log, track and escalate problems.
  • Benefit from detailed reporting and analysis on problem response times, individual consultants’ productivity or a particular customers’ history.
  • Actions can be scheduled and automatically emailed to the appropriate member of staff.
  • The full customer history is readily accessible – a vital capability when handling customer queries and complaints over the telephone.

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