The ultimate tools in cost control, these modules provide every support to monitor and track costs closely on all types of project or job, both internal and external. Why keep reinventing the wheel when you can free your team from many routine tasks involved in job costing and project accounting?

Project Costing is a versatile module used by organisations as diverse as charities, construction management, contract service providers, software developers, product developers and other service industries – all supported from our Dublin offices.

Keep projects and jobs firmly on track

You'll gain an instant view of the most/least profitable areas of your work and recognise the tell-tale signs that things are coming adrift so you can take immediate remedial action. Projects will stay within budget and your cash flow will improve. You'll understand where to invest resources such as staff, materials, sub-contractors and equipment for best return.

Project Costing

  • View committed costs, monitor and track costs closely
  • Analyse how staff spend their time and invoice accurately for their time
  • Assign resources and allocate overhead and labour costs, with employee or contractor specific cost and charge-out rates per individual, job or contract
  • Budgeting of contracts at value or unit level
  • Timesheet entry directly into Job Costing; Excel uploads via simple Excel files; import from third-party systems or web-based timesheet and expense approval workflows

Construction project management software :

  • Applications & Valuations – can be added into the Project, Job & Time Costing suite to automatically calculate complex postings in tracking sub-contractor payments and accurately managing tax deductions
  • Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT), or Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) for companies operating in the UK and Northern Ireland – can also be adopted by companies in the construction and allied industries employing sub-contractors


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