The complexities of purchasing, importing, just in time stock management, customer pricing and margin control and warehouse automation have never been as challenging as in today’s economic climate.

With decades of experience in distribution, you would be surprised at the exceptional functionality of our order processing features.

Gain effortless control over your sales and stock movements - Buying and selling in today’s world is not simple. You need accurate software diligently tracking your stock levels, valuations, margins, forecasts, and allowing you to be more efficient in every step of the process.

End to end efficiency - Incoming orders from Exchequer Mobile, sales reps on the road, EDI, or CRM/eCommerce sites, can go straight to our Scantex warehousing system for wireless hand-held picking and subsequent despatch through our integrated courier links.

Customer pricing – Easily manage your unique and varied customer special pricing for promotions, date range pricing, quantity breaks, special offers, or other custom price combinations

Product margins - View product and customer margin and profitability at the touch of a button. Manage true landed-cost and resulting margins to truly recognise product profitability in a world of increasing supply costs

Customer History - See exactly what customers have bought, their buying patterns, their changing prices over all time, and all at the touch of a button

Warehouse Management - Manage your warehouse(s) with stock movements across multiple locations, bins/bays and even product traceability

Inbuilt approvals - Implement multi-tiered approvals for sales quotations or orders to gain even greater management control

Sales Teams - Equip essential sales teams with the latest up to date customer, order progress, and stock information at the touch of a screen on their smart phones, tablets, or web browsers.

Purchasing - Manage your future purchasing needs across all known stock, sales, min, and max variables.

Couriers - Direct integration to a range of courier systems to save rekeying, time wasting, and separate printer queuing.

Handheld Scanning - Wireless and 4G handheld device management for goods in /out, stock movements, and stock taking.

With thousands of Distribution companies across Ireland and the UK benefiting from our mature and proven solutions, when you outgrow the volume or functional limitations of your existing business software, why not raise the bar and see what our Exchequer Distribution suite can do for you today?


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