Your CRM software has information coming into it every day, from sales and marketing teams, from your website (when linked to your online business), from your customers and partners and from your accounts system.

Using CRM reporting, you can extract meaningful information that keeps you alert to what matters most in your business. Your managers receive timely business reporting, leading to faster and sounder decision-making, while sales management software allows you to view and manage the sales pipeline. Dashboard reports can be configured to give users quick access to the reports most relevant to them.

Stay alert to significant business changes

As well as producing scheduled and ad hoc reports, an unlimited number of customisable alerts can be triggered by key events. Employees, suppliers, customers and trading partners can receive real-time notifications via email or SMS to improve collaboration and ensure nothing important is overlooked.

What drives your business?

You can report on your key performance indicators, department by department. The software includes hundreds of standard sales, marketing and customer service reports. In addition, a report writer tool lets you create custom reports on anything you want to measure.

You can monitor a range of activities, with the following being some of the most popular :

  • Sales performance – view and compare on a month-by-month basis, and analyse by customer and product.
  • Sales activity by account manager – review at a glance how well your sales team is performing, with number of calls made, leads generated, sales volumes.
  • High spend/no activity customer list – provides a list of high value customers that your sales team have had no contact with over a specified period.
  • Lead priority search – search for leads by estimated close date, estimated sales value, and the sales executive's view on how likely the deal is to close.
  • Lead status by marketing source – for each of your marketing sources, you can view the most effective, right down to bottom-line profitability.
  • Problem reports – view time taken to close problems, analyse problems by type and service contract.
  • Business analysis – view the performance of your business as a whole, summarised in easy-to-digest summary reports that are completely customisable.
  • eCommerce reports – where your CRM system is integrated with your website, you can report on user activity today/this week/this month and produce reports, including orders placed online and shopping baskets abandoned.
  • Financial analysis – complements Exchequer reporting by making accounting information available offline for your sales staff out on the road, including outstanding invoices by customer, and opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell.

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