As your business needs or complexities grow and you outgrow you exceed the limits of your current accounting software, you need a software that will put you firmly in control of your organisation, budgeting, customer and suppliers, and internal workflow practices.

We offer powerful accounting and process control, automation of time-consuming and repetitive tasks, and detailed in-depth reporting and analysis of all aspects of your organisation.

Designed as a mid-range to ERP solution, it is a perfect match for companies where: -

You have outgrown the basic limitations of their first accounting software
You need greater level of analysis and reporting due to their unique complexities
You have a volume of transactions that is exceeding the inbuilt limitations of their entry level software
You have added complexities in their sector meaning they need more than just a generic solution
Your business growth is outpacing your software ability
Your more disrupted workforce needs new technologies to adapt to the post-Covid world
Integration to essential 3rd party solutions is becoming cumbersome and problematic

The software and process foundation of your business, you need a solution that is designed to grow with you and evolve for your future growth and sector changes.

Our Financial suite integrates seamlessly with our range of extended and sector specific modules, from stock and distribution to project and job costing and CRM/eCommerce.

Server, Cloud, Hybrid, Device enabled options enables you to design an infrastructure to suit your organisation, your employees, and your hybrid work environment.

Improve your efficiencies, gain tighter workflow control in todays complex work environments and confidently grow into the future.

Gain a 360° view of your organisation

Multi-dimensional budgeting and analysis at General leader Cost centres, departments, project and analysis level to suit the most complex scenarios

Live and unrivalled dynamic links to Excel. No need to export cumbersome CSV files when Excel can dynamically retrieve your up-to-the-minute data.

Drill down on any aspect of your General Ledger to the original underlying transactions from within Exchequer or even from within Excel, with full security throughout.

With multi-currency throughout all the module suite, you will be prepared for whatever opportunities a post-Covid world or a post -Brexit world offers.

Customer service, Sales and purchasing colleagues can improve their productivity, have access to all relevant customer information as and when they need it, in the office, or on the road on their smart device. Automated recurring invoices, debt control, reversing transactions, batch allocations are all designed to save repetitive time–wasting and duplication.

Month-end and year-end rollovers are fluid, easy and efficient. Design your own management periods, month-end processes and be secure in your ability to move from one period to the next without disruption, frustration, or delay.

Our multi-company solutions are designed to support and empower your growth across many diverse sectors and internal client needs. The bedrock for our extensive module suite prepares your organisation for the changing word ahead.

But don’t just take our word for it. Why not request a personal demonstration today to see exactly what our Financial suite can offer you?


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