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Exchequer Mobile, delivering the benefits of Cloud functionality to a remote workforce

In a Post-Covid world, modern businesses need to rely on seamless combinations of technologies to deliver enhanced connectivity and essential Cloud and device functionality to a remote or hybrid workforce.

Introducing Exchequer Mobile

Exchequer Mobile provides your organisation with a wide range of smart device, tablet, or desktop browser Cloud functionality to save your Sales, Purchases or Finance teams time, and enable them to be productive anywhere and at any time.

Developed to harness the strengths of Exchequer with an easy-to-use interface design, your users have the power of your organisation, and real time data access, as and when they need it.

Sales Teams

Why not equip your remote sales teams to enter sales quotes or orders, respond to customer queries with full access to their account, history, transactions, notes, and customer special pricing? And all from their smart phone?

No more ringing back into the office or booting up the laptop to dial in. Improve your customer service, your client responsiveness, and empower your sales teams to be even more successful.


Expense, Timesheet or Purchase Requisitions Users

Whether on a project site, local operations, or office, employees and volunteers need to be able to process efficient requisitions, purchase orders, timesheets, or expenses in an easy-to-use interface for Android and iPhone devices or via your web browser. Non-accounting users now can be even more productive with affordable software designed to help them communicate and participate in their diverse roles.

Implement seamless workflow approval processes to automate your internal multi-tiered approvals across your diverse organisation. Ensure project managers, budget holders or Finance can be confident that nothing can slip through the net and your hybrid or remote workforce can collaborate without risk to your organisation. Securely delivered on a need-to-know basis, never be out of touch again.

Finance Teams

Why shouldn’t Finance and Management be able to see up-to-the-minute essential data across their entire Exchequer and organisation, from the comfort on their car or home on their mobile or smart device?

For larger organisations with volumes of timesheets, expenses or requisitions historically sent to accounts by fax, paper, email, or phone call… why not introduce self-service functionality equipping these colleagues or volunteers to enter their own transactions and submit for approval? No more repetitive data entry, no more wasted time every month. Empower you self-service users and enable your finance teams to dedicate time to activity that will drive performance and success.

In a post-Covid world of greater remote or Hybrid working, businesses need remote options that shouldn’t come with greater risk to your organisation. Secure access to data, automated custom, or roll-specific approval workflows are designed to enhance, enable, and empower your users and management.




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