Scantex wireless warehouse management for Exchequer integrates seamlessly with the Exchequer Sales & Purchase Order Processing modules to increase efficiency in goods inwards/despatch and production environments.

Sales orders in Exchequer are automatically sent to your warehouse operatives’ hand-held wireless barcode scanners for immediate picking and despatch. Multiple warehouse processes are supported, including: receipts, despatch, serial numbers, quarantine and process, and transfer damaged or incorrect goods to a quarantine stock location for return to supplier.

The real-time picture of your warehouse

Your Scantex solution works with local wifi or 3G Honeywell devices to support your warehouse teams in performing all of the following tasks :

  • View location, user, priority, tag or date-sequenced outstanding orders.
  • Pick, partially pick or layaway sales orders.
  • Book goods in against purchase orders.
  • Build a bill of materials instantly with component deductions.
  • Carry out single or two-sided stock adjustments, location stock takes and full stock takes.
  • View remaining items, park items for later picking and view items picked to date.
  • Print despatch documentation at the time of order scanning, using the separate printing module.

Combined with the Exchequer Stock Forecasting and Returns modules, Scantex eliminates reliance on time-consuming paper-based processes to provide an accurate view of stock and its location.

Save time, reduce waste, improve service

By synchronising data between hand-held devices on the warehouse floor and your live inventory, Scantex improves tracking to ensure nothing is lost or mislaid. You'll neither run out of stock required by a customer or for production nor waste budget holding surplus stock 'just in case'. Integral workflow management supports faster order fulfilment, saving time and therefore further improving customer service.


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