“We don’t need hand-helds, our warehouse team are champs!”

Of that I have no doubt. Considering implementing wireless hand-held devices for receiving, picking, moving and stock taking, is not a sign of disrespect to your teams’ ability. In fact, it is a sign of recognition, reward, and confidence in the warehouse teams.

If they can already do such a good job without better tools to assist, imaging how more efficient and happier they will be when you invest in their area to simplify their duties, to use technology to assist their processes, to save repetitive data entry and save so much wasted time.

Introducing the right technology into a world-class manual warehouse process, enhances their abilities, and empowers the users. It also saves you time and money. So surely that’s a win-win for everyone?

Top ten reasons that really justify the investment in warehouse technology: –

1. Empower and retain your staff. Show staff you care about their role; you are investing in their function and want to make their lives easier.

2. Speed up operations. It doesn’t mean that you are asking staff to work faster – you are helping them work smarter and with more satisfaction. Reducing walking back to desks and offices to print picking lists, structuring the picking and receipt of goods, reducing bottlenecks, and increasing speed of order to fulfilment.

3. Improve customer order despatch times, by enabling approved orders to go straight to handhelds for prioritising, allocating, immediate picking and despatch.

4. Reduce human error by validating bar codes and product codes. Less despatch errors, less returns, less upset clients, and higher margins.

5. Turn your cyclical or month-end stock-takes from days into hours with speed and accuracy.

6. Integrate your picking process directly into your Couriers. No more queuing to enter data on the couriers’ systems, no more delays and errors.

7. Receive incoming goods on your systems instantly, making stock readily available for usage or picking and updating FIFO costs on a live basis.

8. Easily move and track stock movements from location to location, or bin to bin.

9. Plan your picking routes by aisle or bin number improving efficiency and productivity.

10. Instantly scan an item to see what you have anywhere in the system and where you have it.

For sure, your colleagues do all this manually, but with more walking, more frustration, more printing, more repetition, and now you can give them more support.

By implementing the right integrated devices, you empower your users, you make your operations more responsive and efficient, you plan for the future, reduce operational costs, improve margins and have far greater visibility and control.
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Alan Connor

Commercial Director