Our evolution to remote and hybrid working

I’m old-school, or just “old” as my children will advise.

My accounting days began with hardbound ledgers and cashbook, moved to Novell and Dos computers and finally to Windows and now Cloud. During those decades, it would have been inconceivable to not have to come to an office to work. How business life has changed because of Covid!

Now don’t get me wrong, as a technology company we are used to having colleagues working from client premises, on the road, or working from home. Our technologies and systems supported us and our colleagues to be independent and for those client facing colleagues such as new business sales, account management, processional service, or management, a life on the road or out of the office was part of the job.

Like thousands of Irish companies though, the covid policies we enacted also changed the backbone of the operations. Previously to complement our remote or on-site colleagues, we always had the backbone of accounts, admin, support, development working closely together in their respective departments and offices. Collaboration in such teams benefitted from proximity, and even socially there was a boon to coming to the office to met and chat with your colleagues.

By de-centralising all our operations, all our procedures and workflow practices became remote. We implemented new systems and solutions to encourage and promote far greater remote working.

Our colleagues still visit the office as and when they need to, or for certain necessary face to face collaborations, but we have seen a massive benefit for the health and wellbeing of colleagues. The trials and tribulations such as the M50, rush hour traffic, and getting home late are a thing of the past.

To decentralise effectively you need the right software tools, and obviously a dedicated workforce that thrive in this new environment. Overall, we have found our productivity being maintained and even enhanced in many areas, and colleagues continue to work and collaborate very successfully together.

Will we always have our premises?

Yes, I believe so. We are a bricks and mortar software company; we have been headquartered in Dublin since 1998 and see no reason to change that. Our solutions continue to expand, and we are now on a new recruitment drive to expand even further.

The future of hybrid working will be important to us as a company, and of course our clients continue to benefit from a de-stressed workforce that can obtain a greater work life balance with far less commuting and morning traffic jams.

Our range of business and accounting solutions can also help you to normalise the move to remote connectivity, to thrive and succeed into the future.

Exchequer Business Management Systems

Alan Connor

Commercial Director