Exchequer has taken to the Cloud with ExchequerMobile.

Our latest suite to enhance the lives of Exchequer clients has taken to the Cloud.

Exchequer Mobile has brought the strength of Cloud and Mobile technology to its users whether on site, on the road, or working from home.

The trials of the Covid era have revolutionised how teams need to collaborate in a dispersed world. Where businesses previously had specific sales, project, or volunteer teams operating remotely in a structured way, with specific devices, or methodologies such as emailing in spreadsheets or ringing in orders…  organisations now need to provide the strength of the greater Exchequer functionality to all manner of Finance, Service, Sales, Project, and Management teams.

If the individual can work outside the office, so too can Exchequer Mobile. Not only do your remote colleagues need to be able to connect, query and process on demand, but they need the versatility to be able to do that from their smart phones, tablets, or browsers.  The introduction of Cloud technology means that the need for full Workstations or laptops or VPN connections to office-servers for these colleagues are removed.

Customer service and sales team’s need to be able to access all their client data, query outstanding invoices, orders or statements, reprint invoices, view stock quantities and pricing and all on demand. No more emails back to head office or duplication of entry.

Working remotely doesn’t mean working less. By introducing the latest in Cloud and APP technology your colleagues can be even more efficient, responsive, and attentive to their roles, projects, tasks, and clients. Enabling happy productive colleagues leads to happy customers.

A more complex risk for companies is the risk of error, or lack of control that comes from relying on pre-Covid rules and office-based purchasing and payment processes. The introduction of Exchequer workflow approvals now equips remote colleagues to place requisitions, orders, timesheets, or expense requests and submit for multiple levels of approval (depending on your own internal complexities). Line management or finance can then approve electronically before such purchases or expenses are allowed to be processed.

This not only ensures complete fiscal control over all your organisations commitments, but also speeds up processing, empowers the end-users and frees up important finance time from re-keying other people’s transactions.

Working remotely, does not just mean “doing the same thing but more spread out”. It is an opportunity to look at how you do things, how teams connect, how clients interconnect, and how best you can seize this opportunity to do more than just survive.

Exchequer Mobile on your smart phone, tablet, or browser will revolutionise how your teams can work.

To find out more, contact us at www.exchequer.ie

Exchequer Business Management Systems

Alan Connor

Commercial Director