Stay open for business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Are you looking to take advantage of the huge opportunity that the web presents by extending your business online? You can start trading online quickly, easily and cost-effectively with eCommerce software that seamlessly integrates with Exchequer and other leading accounting software.

Whether you sell to business customers or to consumers, you can create an online portal that works side by side with your ‘bricks and mortar’ business. Data entered just once is then shared across your offline and online systems.

Take your business online

Our eCommerce software removes the technological and commercial barriers to offering your products and services online

  • Quick to deploy – effortless to maintain
    • Includes a template design and all the key functionality required to get your online store up and running.
    • Complete control of your online store to add new pages and content, without relying on specialist skills.
    • Full credit card processing and the ability to handle account customers mean you can take orders – not just passively advertise your products and services.
    • Different options available (Easy and Advanced) to meet your requirements.
  • Improve customer service
    • Your customers can buy over the web whenever and wherever convenient.
    • Assist your customers’ purchasing decision with enhanced stock and customer information, customer-friendly product descriptions and codes, and even videos.
    • Use previous sales history (on and offline) to prompt customers to consider new, alternative and complementary products.
    • Provide customers with full and relevant accounts information such as their profile, order status, special offers and pricing, credit limits, sales history…direct from Exchequer.
    • Notification of special offers can be displayed at user login or emailed to customers through integrated email marketing.
  • Integrates with your Exchequer solution
    • Pull information directly from Exchequer, so stock availability and pricing reflect reality.
    • New products or price changes entered into Exchequer can be automatically reflected on your website.
    • Orders can be confirmed directly into Exchequer or other accounts package, automating the entire process.
    • Seamless and secure integration with Exchequer eliminates time-consuming, error-prone manual data entry.

Developed by ProspectSoft, eCommerce software for Exchequer is fully implemented and supported by Exchequer Business Management Solutions throughout Ireland.


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